IDF Nurse Advisory Committee

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The Immune Deficiency Foundation established the Nurse Advisory Committee in 1999 to improve the quality of healthcare and education provided by nurses for patients with primary immunodeficiency diseases. The Nurse Advisory Committee increases awareness of primary immunodeficiency diseases through professional education and outreach on a national and international level. The Committee is also instrumental in increasing educational and peer support opportunities for individuals and families. The members collaborate with IDF to develop patient educational programs in their own communities and throughout the country.

Nurse Advisory Committee Members

Nurse Advisory Committee

Loris Aro, RN
Sussman & Associates Immunology

William Blouin, MSN, ARNP, CPNP
Miami Children’s Hospital

Maggi Dodds, RN, MS, CPNP
Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital

Carla Duff, CPNP, MSN, CCRP – Vice Chair
University of South Florida

Kristin Epland, FNP-C
Midwest Immunology Clinic

Colleen Hill Dansereau, MSN, RN, CPN, CPHON
Dana-Farber Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center

Elizabeth Garabedian, RN, MSLS
National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH

Mary Hintermeyer, APNP
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Linda Lentini, RN
Arizona Allergy Associates

Larraine Lyter-Reed, RN, MSN, FNP-BC
Texas Children’s Hospital

Debbie Manning, BSN, RN, IgNS
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Kathleen McGregor, MN/MPH
Seattle Children’s Hospital

Terry Raburn, RN, BSN, ACRN
Texas Children’s Hospital

Linda Anastasia Schneider BSN, RN, CPN
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Debra Sedlak, CPNP
Duke University Medical Center

M. Elizabeth M. Younger CRNP, PhD – Chair
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Contact the IDF Nurse Advisory Committee

The Nurse Advisory Committee is available as a resource for nurses administering immunoglobulin therapy or treating patients with primary immunodeficiency diseases. The members can be reached by contacting IDF, and staff will assist you in contacting a member of the committee. Contact IDF at 800-296-4433 or submit the Ask IDF form.

The activities of the Nurse Advisory Committee are made possible by an unrestricted educational grant by CSL Behring.