IDF Arcade

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Join in the adventures of the characters from IDF’s popular Our Immune System, a story for children with primary immunodeficiency diseases, written by Sara LeBien.  These games are designed for children ages 4 to 12 and are a great way to have fun, while learning about the immune system. Although the IDF Arcade was created for small children, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages!

ReadOur Immune System
This is a simple story of how the immune system works and the treatments necessary for children with primary immunodeficiency diseases.  Through delightful illustrations, the story is told by friendly characters in the immune system– B-cells, T-cells, and even phagocytes.

Whack-a-Germ Mobile App

One of the most popular games from the IDF Arcade now has an app! The Whack-a-Germ app is now available for download to your smartphone or tablet.

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Stop those terrible germs from spreading by getting them to stop before they pop! But watch out- don’t hit a friendly T-Cell or friendly Phagocyte.

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Phagocyte Force!

Help keep the Phagocyte full of yummy little germs while avoiding nasty yellow germs. Don’t worry, you have help from the lgs!

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Jigsaw Puzzler!

Piece together jumbled images of our favorite Immune System characters, the T-Cell, Igs, Phagocyte and B-Cell, and learn about the important roles they play in your body.

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The IDF Arcade was made possible by an unrestricted educational grant from AmerisourceBergen Corporation.