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The Ambassador works in close conjunction with the IDF staff to assure the logistics of the walk are properly planned and executed. While the needed tasks may vary with each walk, details include: route layout, equipment needs (tents, tables, chairs), refreshments, registration, entertainment, start/finish line, and more. This support may also be needed for pre-event activities.

Key Responsibilities

Accept one or several of the following roles:

  • Research and coordinate with IDF staff.
    • Rentals of stage and sound system, tents, tables, chairs, etc. (IDF has a rental budget)
  • Arrange and secure entertainment for the day of.
    • Must include a DJ.
  • Arrange and secure food vendor for the day of.
  • Recruit day-of-walk logistical volunteers.
    • Determine needs for schedules and number of people, qualifications, etc. IDF will provide you with template information.
    • For areas including registration, food, walk route cheerleaders, t-shirt pick-up, walk route monitors, IDF table, clean-up, etc.
    • Create sign-up and shift scheduling system. (with IDF staff)
  • Waste management
    • Determine and secure waste management needs. (trash cans, liners, dumpsters, etc.)
    • Monitor waste removal during and after the walk.
  • Parking
    • Assess parking needs and secure permission to use parking facilities, if needed.
  • Care of walk route
    • Ensure route is properly marked and clear from obstruction.
    • Ensure restrooms are accessible and operating the day of the walk.
    • Assist with event and route set-up the morning of the event.
    • Clean up walk route post event.

Time Commitment

  • Participate in monthly mandatory conference calls with other ambassadors for the duration of the walk season.
  • Volunteer approximately 4-6 hours a month for the duration of walk preparation.
  • Be on-site for the entire event from set-up to clean-up.