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IDF Community Walks are vitally important to the impact and overall success of IDF Walk for Primary Immunodeficiency. Created by dedicated volunteers in the PI community, these walks help fill in the geographical gaps between the IDF-organized walks.

IDF Community Walk Guidelines

The position of an IDF Community Walk Organizer is open to individuals, family members, or friends living or connected with PI. Individuals that work for a company that provides a product or service to the PI community may not be a walk organizer.*

Organizer Guidelines

  • Walk will be promoted as: IDF Walk for PI – [City Name & Year].
  • It is recommended that the walk is held at a local park or other community gathering place that would be considered by IDF as both safe and inclusive.
  • IDF will reimburse the organizer for site fees, food, and/or event permits.
  • The total can be no more than $300.
  • Expenses must be pre-approved by IDF and properly receipted to be reimbursed.
  • Event insurance will be handled through IDF’s policy and should not be acquired by the Organizer or any other entity.
  • IDF will oversee e-mail communications, website, and social media to promote the community walk
  • The name and official logo of the IDF Walk for Primary Immunodeficiency™ may be used in connection with publicizing the walk. Any approved use of the official logo or of any other IDF trademarks must adhere to the graphic standards provided by IDF. 
  • The IDF walk team will provide the organizer with the materials for all proposed promotional material (for example: press releases, flyers, brochures, letters, website, and print advertising) for production or distribution.
  • Community Walk Organizer should complete their event before December 15th. Each year, organizer must re-register an event for the current calendar year.
  • Community Walk Organizer has complete control over the event and can customize it for what they want and for what makes sense for their community. They will be responsible for planning the date and time, securing their own site and route, recruiting walkers, asking volunteers to help that day, and asking for donations.
  • Community Walk Organizer will be sent a kit that will have all the materials needed for a successful walk, including table covers, banners, posters, etc. to promote the event in your community and to use on walk day.
  • Community Walk Organizer will attend monthly conference calls.
  • Community Walk Organizer will recruit, train and motivate a subcommittee of volunteers to ensure there are enough volunteers to assist in planning and will create a positive atmosphere that inspires committee members’ hard work.
  • Assist in securing key in-kind sponsorships (local) and donations.
  • As needed, serve as spokesperson for your walk and be available for publicity shots.                              
  • Co-preside as Master of Ceremonies or find one for your walk.



*Individuals affiliated with a for-profit company that provides support/information to persons living with PI, markets a product or providing a service to persons living with PI, writes articles or develop materials/programs for persons living with PI, or is an immediate family member who lives in the same household as an individual that is involved in any of these activities cannot serve as a Community Walk Organizer.