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Ain’t no Meeting like an IDF Meeting

If there is one thing that the Immune Deficiency Foundation does above all else – it is educating and providing information to its community.  We accomplish this through all kinds of meetings – IDF Operation Outreach, Get Connected, and Patient Education meetings just to name a few.

Great meetings that were held recently throughout the country include – the Delaware Get Connected Meeting with 12 attendees on March 10, the Operation Outreach in Dallas on March 24 attended by 75 people – 92% of whom had never attended an IDF event before – and the Patient Education Meeting in Charlotte, NC on March 31 with 40 eager participants.  These events provide the perfect opportunity to individuals impacted by primary immunodeficiency diseases to meet each other and share ideas.  The Operation Outreach and Patient Education meetings have the added bonus of providing medical information from local experts in immunology.  IDF is expanding our reach throughout the country with more meetings every year, so check out our Calendar of Events to find a local event near you!

Not convinced?  Just read what some of the attendees of our events have to say about them –

Awesome information! Very thankful for the invite.

I would love to attend another meeting, all the people who were involved were great!

I was truly floored by the wealth of information available and shared. The IDF Rep presented a great overview and was a great start to the day. The physicians were incredible.

Helps me feel less isolated and let me know about more that was available.

Thanks for hosting this meeting.  I hope you will come back to Dallas again.  It is invaluable to meet others and learn more about PIDD.


Thank you for all of the great discussion and hospitality, IDF Community!  We hope to see you all at an event soon.


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