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April Is for PI Awareness: 4 Ways You Can Help Spread the Word

March 31, 2017

National Primary Immunodeficiency Awareness Month begins April 1, and World PI Week is April 22-29. These are perfect opportunities for those within the IDF community to increase their efforts to promote awareness of primary immunodeficiency diseases (PI), whether it be locally, nationally or internationally. IDF has many resources to help you succeed in raising awareness for PI, during Awareness Month and year-round. Here are 4 easy ways you can create awareness.

1. Share This for PI Awareness!

Will you join us in our “Share This for PI Awareness” campaign? By using the hashtag #ShareThisForPIAwareness and sharing our suggested post below, it’s our hope that it will spread throughout social media.

To participate, copy the post below and then add your own fact about living with PI in the blank spot. Then share it on your Facebook page, and encourage others to do the same.

Suggested Post:

April is National PI Awareness Month! To celebrate, I’m participating in #ShareThisForPIAwareness and telling you 3 facts about primary immunodeficiency diseases (PI) and what it’s like living with one:

  • 1 in 1,200 people in the U.S. are living with PI
  • There are more than 300 different types of primary immunodeficiency diseases
  • Add something about living with PI (see below for examples)

Not sure what to add as your fact about living with PI? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Those who are #livingwithPI don’t always “look sick.”
  • I am more than my disease.
  • A common infection for some can be a danger for those #livingwithPI
  • It can take between 9-15 years to get a diagnosis.
  • Approximately 250,000 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with PI. Thousands more go undetected.
  • Those who live with PI are #zebrastrong
  • PI is not contagious.

Add flare to your profile by changing your image to the PI Awareness Month picture! Click here to download your image.

You can also use these hashtags throughout April:


Make sure to follow IDF on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as TZ the IDF Zebra on Twitter and Instagram.

2. Share IDF Resources – Like the IDF “Learn More” Poster

IDF wants individuals and families who are living with PI to know that there is someone there for them. This poster is ideal to take to the office of any primary care physician, immunologist or other healthcare professional to reach others who may have primary immunodeficiency disease. You can download the Awareness Poster here or contact us to order posters. For more IDF materials that are available to order or download, go to:

3. Join the Global Effort – World PI Week, April 22-29

IDF and other organizations across the globe are participating in World PI Week (WPIW), April 22-29.  You too can help spread global awareness for PI by contributing your story to the WPIW website, signing the global call to action, posting your event to the global map and downloading WPIW materials. Also, be sure to follow WPIW on Facebook and Twitter.

4. THINK ZEBRA! Wear Zebra!

Individuals and families with PI are the zebras of the medical world! We encourage all those to take pride in your stripes this April and wear zebra print, whether you are at work, school, home, anywhere, wear your favorite zebra attire and accessories with pride. You can also encourage your friends, family or coworkers to do the same. Don’t forget to share your photos using social media and by using the #thinkzebra hashtag!

Want to share your story of living with PI? Whether you do it by photo, video or written article, sharing your story is crucial to the promotion and awareness of PI. Contact IDF: or call 800-296-4433.

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