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Use the resources on this page to make a difference in the lives of current and future generations with PI.   

Thank you for helping to raise PI awareness during PI Awareness Month! Together, we are rare and powerful and can make a significant impact for individuals both diagnosed and undiagnosed with PI.  

How will sharing these resources help, you may ask? Further understanding and recognition of PI will lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment, connect individuals to IDF resources and a supportive community, help families seek answers for their loved ones, and more!  

And remember, although PI Awareness Month and World PI Week take place in the month of April, there are also general awareness images included below, which you can use all year long.

Finally, when sharing on social media, don't forget to use hashtags such as #PIAwarenessMonth, #PIAwareness, #WorldPIWeek, #RareAndPowerful, #PrimaryImmunodeficiency, #ThinkZebra, #LivingWithPI and #IDFCommunity to name a few.

Social Media Graphics

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Awareness Month

General Awareness


Awareness Month

General Awareness