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IDF programs and resources produce benefits for thousands of people living with PI, but people need to find IDF first! Many healthcare professionals may treat patients with PI, but those professionals may not know about IDF. You can help us reach more healthcare professionals and patients!

IDF developed an Awareness Poster to lead patients and family members to IDF to use our services and innovative materials. It's a great poster to take to the office of your primary care physician, immunologist and other healthcare professionals. Click here to download the Awareness Poster.

You can download or order the awareness poster as well as information cards and IDF publications to distribute not only at doctor’s offices but also at infusion centers, home healthcare companies, libraries, places of worship, schools and other civic organizations. No matter how or where you decide to get your message across, IDF has the resources you need.

To get your message across in the most effective manner possible, it is important to have some basic facts and information ready for anyone that asks. Be sure to download and print the following materials:

  • Talking Points on PI - PDF
  • Frequently Asked Questions - PDF
  • IDF Information Sheet - PDF
  • IDF Awareness Poster - PDF
  • "Is It Just an Infection?" / IDF Info Card - PDF
  • "Learn More" – IDF Awareness Business Card - PDF

Click here to view all IDF publications, most available for download or order, or call IDF at 800-296-4433 to order materials. Remember, if someone asks you a question and you cannot provide an answer, be honest about it and refer them to IDF!