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Blumenburg Family Says Thank You to CSL Plasma in Charleston, SC

CSL Plasma’s poster explains IDF’s THINK ZEBRA! fundraising campaign for donors and employees.

Sally Blumenburg and her son, Wesley, who is a patient with a primary immunodeficiency disease (PIDD), visited CSL Plasma in Charleston, SC April 10 and 12 in honor of PIDD Awareness Month. But this was not their first visit to the center, which provides the plasma that is made into the life-saving treatment immunoglobulin. The mother and son visit about every other week and have been doing so for more than 10 years.

The center is currently running the THINK ZEBRA! fundraising campaign, through the IDF Plasma Center Partners Program. A cookout was held to raise funds, and Sally, an active IDF volunteer, and Wesley pitched in and helped collect money from hot dog, hamburger and baked good sales. The cookout raised $217 for IDF.

Wesley Blumenberg, in the lobby of CSL Plasma in Charleston, SC, and his mom, IDF volunteer Sally Blumenburg, frequently visit the center to thank donors and employees for their life-saving work.

During their visits Sally and Wesley met employees and donors, and personally thanked them. Sally says, “Thanking the donors is always an overwhelming experience for both Wesley and me. The donors’ facial expressions while we are telling our story are priceless!” She explains that most donors do not realize that they are actually saving lives and meeting a local boy who they are helping makes their donations much more meaningful.

Thank you, Sally, Wesley and CSL Plasma Charleston!

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