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Connecting Patients and Donors at Talecris Plasma Resources

Over the past two months, patients and families living with primary immunodeficiency (PI) took part in the IDF Plasma Center Partners Program and visited Talecris Plasma Resources. The plasma centers, which are subsidiaries of Grifols Inc., are located across the country, and IDF Volunteers scheduled visits to share their stories with donors and staff. The volunteers told us about their visits:

Frank Meuers, St. Paul, MN, June 5
“I talked to many donors and staff, and they said they really enjoyed my time. I'm noticing that many staff and donors have little or no idea of what their product is being used for, and the help that it offers to so many.”
Amy Ferreira & son Eli, Fayetteville, NC, June 11
“The staff and donors that Eli and I met at the Fayetteville NC plasma center have forever touched our hearts. The staff was so kind and attentive to us and showed us just how hard they work every day. The donors were wonderful people, as well, with plenty of encouraging words for us. I will always remember one man who told Eli, as he was in the process of donating, ‘We got your back, buddy!’ I hope to continue these visits with Eli as he grows up so he is always appreciative of how many people contribute to the making of the medicines that are necessary to keep him healthy … Wonderful people, wonderful experience, my highest praise to all of the staff and my biggest thanks to all of the donors.”

Savannah Goodman, with mom Michelle, sisters Jill, Stella and Sofia - Atlantic Beach, FL, June 13
Mom Michelle said, “We were overwhelmed with the amount of professionalism, kindness and sincerity of donors and staff. The facilities showed obvious support of IDF and fundraising efforts.”
 The Brock Family - Mom Colleen, Dad Roger, Daughter Emilee and son Adam - Harrisburg, PA, July 6
Mom Colleen said, “It was wonderful, eye-opening experience. The staff was very accommodating, and we learned so much. The donors loved hearing the kids’ stories, and several were moved to tears. We are going to go back once a quarter and have offered to help in any way possible with their fundraisers.”

Thank you to our volunteers and the donors and staff at Talecris Plasma Resources!

Click here to learn more about the IDF Plasma Center Partners Program.

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