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Creating Awareness during National Primary Immunodeficiency Awareness Month

April is National Primary Immunodeficiency Awareness Month, and the Stapp family knows just how imperative it is to spread awareness of primary immunodeficiency disease (PI).

Meet Landon Stapp. He’s in 5th grade and is diagnosed with Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID). His mother, Diana Stapp, knowing that its Awareness Month took advantage of the health fair at his school. On April 11th, Landon represented IDF and handed out some of our publications to his classmates. They wanted to spread awareness not only so his classmates could better understand his CVID, but so they could also recognize just how significant the immune system is to our everyday life and health.

Out of 45 students in his 5th-grade class, Landon is the only one who is diagnosed with PI. On the day of the health fair, both Diana and the school nurse talked to his class about his PI. Spreading such awareness and educating his classmates not only bridges the gap between those living with these rare, chronic disorders from those who are not, but it may also help others who are struggling to find a diagnosis.

Thank you, Stapp family, for being such a strong voice for the PI community. It is so important to share our stories and resources with others. Together, we are not alone.

Want to share your story of living with PI? Whether you do it by photo, video, or written article, sharing your story is crucial to the promotion and awareness of PI. Contact IDF: or call 800-296-4433.

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