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Dad Asks Corporation to Dedicate Fundraiser to IDF, Raises $445

The employees at CEMEX in Houston, TX participated in their monthly Jeans for Charity initiative for IDF! Mauricio Naranjo, CEMEX employee and father of a two-year-old son with a primary immunodeficiency disease, asked his Human Resources Department to dedicate the April event to IDF in honor of Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases Awareness Month. They raised $445!

According to Mauricio, Jeans for Charity is a CEMEX Human Resources initiative started in 2011 through which employees contribute $5 and can wear jeans to work on the last Friday of every month. The money collected from the employees of the Houston Office is donated to a different organization each month, and employees can make recommendations of organizations or institutions for which they would like to fundraise.

Mauricio suggested IDF because after his son’s diagnosis of XLA, a type of primary immunodeficiency disease, he and his family struggled to accept the idea of this new challenge in their lives. He says, “All the information provided by IDF has provided us with a great relief. We are now better informed to make sound decisions regarding our son's health. We feel we have a partner on our side guiding us through this road.”

Thank you to the Naranjo family and CEMEX Houston employees!

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