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Every donation makes a difference for those living with PI! Use these resources to make DIY fundraising as easy as the click of button. 

Learn about DIY

Get started with all things DIY by watching this quick video!

DIY Q&A Video by Tammy Black

Share your story

Explain to your network what fundraising for PI means to you, describe your journey with PI and share however much of your story that you are comfortable with. And don't forget to tag IDF on social media!


Sample post:

Hi friends and family! I am excited to host a fundraiser for the Immune Deficiency Foundation, and I want to tell you why. This organization means a lot to me because (share your story here). IDF has helped me by (name examples), and I would like to give back, but I need your help. Every amount makes a difference, and I thank you for your support of my fundraising goals. 

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Fundraising event promotion


Whether you are hosting a zumba-thon, bake sale, car wash or any other event for DIY fundraising, use these images and sample posts to promote your event! 

Sample post: I’m hosting a (list event type) fundraiser for the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) on (date), and I hope you will join me! The reason I am holding this event is because I would like to give back to IDF, who has helped me by (list examples). Any amount you are able to give would help those living with PI and would mean a lot to me. Please join me for this important fundraiser and if you unable to, please consider donating to IDF.  


Questions? We're happy to help! Reach out to