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Access to Care

IDF advocates for policies which allow patients ready access to safe and quality care, in the site of care that is most appropriate, with the treatment best recommended by providers with a minimization of cost to the patient.


IDF’s government and payer-directed advocacy includes ensuring full access to specific Ig products, modes of administration, and sites of care

Maintaining Patient Protections in Healthcare Reform

People with PI rely on protections established by the ACA, and it's protections must be maintained.

Plasma Donation Awareness

Read about the ways in which IDF advocates for adequate plasma donation.

Telehealth Services

Ensuring continued access to telehealth services for all in the PI community.
Screening and Diagnosis

With all 50 states now screening for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID), IDF advocates for policies that ensure universal screening is maintained nationwide, support emerging opportunities to screen for other types of (PI), and work to remove barriers to the use and development of accurate diagnostic tools.

Adding Newborn Screening for Other Types of PI to the RUSP

IDF is prepared to advocate for another nationwide newborn screening campaign for additional PI conditions when such technology is feasible.

FDA Diagnostic Testing Standards

IDF supports legislation that ensures robust access to innovative and high quality clinical laboratory diagnostics.
Protections for the Immunocompromised Community

IDF advocates for policies that ensure the voice of individuals living with PI is represented in health policy debates. We work to ensure Congress understands the importance of universal vaccinations and of addressing the overuse of antibiotics to the PI community.


Working to ensure Congress and other decision makers understand the importance of universal vaccinations.


Educating policy makers on the impact of overuse of antibiotics to the PI community.
Research and Development

IDF advocates for increased funding for research supporting the PI community and removal of barriers to the development and availability of new and emerging therapies to treat PI.

Agency Engagement on PI Issues

IDF engages with federal agencies to advocate for increased funding for PI research.