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Communications Security Policy

As phishing and spam messages become more common on multiple platforms, we want to ensure that your information stays secure. It's important to note that:

  • IDF will only ever ask for your username, password, or identifying information on our own secure websites (,, and not as a response to an email or text message.
  • No individual representing IDF will ever ask you to make a purchase at your own expense to be reimbursed by IDF at a later time.
  • If we contact you via email, text, or messenger, we will never ask you to provide personal details or request that you make a purchase.

If you receive a call, email, text message, or social media message asking for personal information from a number claiming to be IDF, or an IDF employee, do not respond. Instead, disengage from that person and contact IDF to report the interaction to or by calling us at 410-321-6647.

It's also a good idea to report any spam to your own providers (your mobile and email providers typically have specific instructions to do so).