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IDF Survey Research

The IDF Survey Research Center provides timely data and analysis on issues of importance to the primary immunodeficiency community. The Center is able to quickly generate accurate, effective, and current information on issues concerning primary immunodeficiency.

Research Grant Program

IDF offers a seed grant program to encourage and support patient-oriented research on primary immunodeficiency. Because of the dollars raised by IDF Walk for PI teams and their supporters, IDF has established the IDF Research Grant Program, awarding grants to help improve the diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life of people living with PI.

Clinical Trials

Human testing, also known as a clinical trial or protocol, is necessary to develop safe and effective products with limited side effects, while providing the most therapeutic benefit.

PI Patient Registry

USIDNET is a national patient-consented registry of individuals with primary immunodeficiency. The goals of the registry are to advance research in the field and to improve the quality of life of patients.