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Dr. Rochester named IDF's health equity medical advisor

Dr. Nicole Rochester’s father struggled with many health problems including dementia, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and obesity. When she and her two older sisters began caring for him and she found herself in charge of his medical care, she realized just how muddled management of his diseases had become. Prescriptions overlapped, diet and exercise were neglected, and information sharing between specialists didn’t occur.

Expectations & Experiences: Parent & Patient Perspectives

Recently published in the August 2021 Issue of Clinical Immunology is an article entitled "Expectations and experience: Parent and patient perspectives regarding treatment for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID)", co-authored by Heather Smith, Christopher Scalchunes, Morton J.Cowan, JenniferPuck, and JenniferHeimall. The survey was designed and distributed to families of individuals with SCID. Among the questions were SCID genotype and treatment, individual recollections of pre-treatment counseling, and present clinical status.


Of the 151 surveys analyzed:


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