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Clinician Finder: Enter your information so that patients can find you. You can also use this tool to find doctors in other specialties who have experience with patients with primary immunodeficiencies.

Consulting Immunologist Program: Have a question about a patient who may have, or has, a primary immunodeficiency? Start a free physician-to-physician consultation with a renowned clinical immunologist from our national network.

Clinician Education Program: IDF offers CME courses periodically with partner organizations. We also offer recordings of past clinical education sessions for on-demand viewing.

Research Funding: Each year, IDF awards grants up to $50,000 to researchers to support well-defined research projects that have a specified benefit for improving the treatment, health, disease management or diagnosis of people with PI.

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Get Involved with the PI Community
Inform Patients about IDF

If a patient has been diagnosed with PI, direct them to our website and encourage them to check out the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF). By joining the IDF community, patients and families can find resources, educational opportunities, a community of support, and so much more.

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