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Meet (almost) five-year-old Teagan!

October 20, 2021

Meet Teagan — An inspiring young boy who is choosing to give back for his fifth birthday. Instead of asking for toys, Teagan is asking for donations and support for his walk team, Teagan’s Totally Wicked Walkers. 

In January 2021, four-year-old Teagan was diagnosed with Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID) on top of his airway defect called Laryngomalacia (which was diagnosed at six weeks old) after facing years of doctor appointments, diagnostic testing, and revaccinations. Only two months ago, Teagan began intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) therapy with hopes to attend school and play team sports like other kids his age without the fear of getting sick. 


Teagan and his mother, Nicole Bodnar, have created a Teagan’s Totally Wicked Walkers Facebook page to kickstart their IDF Walk for PI fundraising. On the page, the mother-son duo provides fundraising updates, thank you’s, and shares the progress of the 25-mile Walk-A-Thon Nicole has set for herself. 

Nicole shares, “IDF was a huge source of information for us as we have been working towards this diagnosis for a year before his actual diagnosis. We choose to be honest and share our journey and how IDF has helped us. The outpouring of donations we have got has blown me away, and I’m so grateful that Teagan has chosen to do this, and we have as a family.”

Your support through IDF Walk for PI allows the Immune Deficiency Foundation to continue to support and serve children, teens, and adults like Teagan. And there is still time to help! Provide support to the PI community through December 15, 2021, by fundraising and raising awareness for IDF Walk for PI. Learn about all the ways you can fundraise by clicking here



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