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We have some advice about living with primary immunodeficiency (PI) for you. You probably get support from those who know you best—your family, friends, teachers and coaches. But not everyone understands what it’s like to have PI, so IDF can also connect you to other teens with PI. Remember, we’re here to help you!

Tips to Manage Your Health

Learn ways to stay as healthy as possible, so you can do all the things you like to do.

Advice on Friends and Dating

Read our advice on how to find good friends who can help you as you live with PI.

Being Independent

See how you can show your family that you can learn to take care of yourself.

Juggling School and Your Health

Here are some tips for managing your schoolwork and your health.

Activities and Jobs

Get advice about managing your extracurricular activities and a part-time job.

Understanding Insurance

Start learning the basics of health insurance and how important it is.

Volunteer with IDF

Get involved with IDF to help other young people living with PI.

More Resources

Check out our additional resources to help you know what to say and where to find more info.

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