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Family, and Fun, and Medical Experts… oh my!

The IDF Family Conference Day at the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul on Saturday, November 12, 2011 was the largest Family Conference Day in IDF history!  Attend by 185 individuals, ages 5 and up, coming from 4 states, the Family Conference Day was a HUGE success (with extra emphasis on the HUGE).  While the adults listened to local medical experts present sessions, the youth participated in their own program.  Children and teens enjoyed a live science show, tour of the museum, time in the science exhibits, and other fun activities.

The adult meeting included the following speakers and topics:

Welcome & What’s New at IDF
Katherine Antilla, MAEd – Immune Deficiency Foundation

Managing Sinusitis and Primary Immunodeficiency Disease
Ralph Shapiro, MD – Midwest Immunology Clinic

B Cell & Antibody Production Deficiencies
Laura Hoyt, MD – Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota

NBS for SCID Update
Amy Gaviglio, MS, CGC – Minnesota Department of Health

Ask the Medical Expert

Kristin Epland, FNP-C – Midwest Immunology Clinic
Laura Hoyt, MD – Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota
Jason Raasch, MD – Midwest Immunology Clinic
Ralph Shapiro, MD – Midwest Immunology Clinic

Caring for the Caregiver for Parents and Family Members
John Seymour, PhD, LMFT – Minnesota State University, Mankato

Ask the Medical Experts session at the 2011 IDF Minnesota Family Conference Day

It was a great opportunity to learn about treatment and disease management.  There were plenty of questions for the ‘ask the medical expert’ session.  USIDNet also participated in the meeting consenting patients who wished to be a part of the USIDNet Patient Registry.  The Registry is a database designed for the advancement of research for primary immunodeficiency diseases.  Its success depends on patients and families who are willing to submit their medical information to be combined with thousands of others in order to establish this valuable data set.

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