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Father and Son Travel to Grifols PlasmaCare, Thank Donors and Staff

IDF Volunteers Randy Berryhill, Sr. and his son Ramus traveled to a Grifols PlasmaCare Center, as part of the IDF Plasma Center Partners Program. 11 year old Ramus was born with ADA-SCID, a severe type of primary immunodeficiency. He underwent gene therapy in 2009 and now receives immunoglobulin replacement therapy. Raymond reflects upon their visit:

During our drive from Chicago, IL to Grifols located in Terre Haute, IN on Saturday, May 18, Ramus and I talked, joked and laughed about numerous of things.

I explained to Ramus how the employees at Grifols PlasmaCare Center are the ones that welcome donors that donate their plasma. I also was able to express a little bit in more detail what “plasma’ really meant and the process for getting plasma. Ramus was stunned – and had an “Aha!” moment. Ramus stated, “Oh, plasma is what helps thousands and thousands of people like me all over the world so that we could have a better life…”

The next morning, Sunday May 19, 2013 at 7:00 a.m, we were greeted by manager Nick Singleton and the staff of Grifols. We toured the facility. The team treated me and my family extremely well!!!!! Ramus was eager and ready to read his prepared speech – “thanking everyone” for all of their hard work they do for him and so many others in his similar conditions. He explained that God gave him life and the employees at Grifols PlasmaCare Center help make his life to be happy and healthy – “and for these reason I am so grateful and respect the job that you do.” After Ramus spoke, he welcomed questions and was eager to answer them all!

While leaving Grifols PlasmaCare Center, I thanked the donors as they waited patiently in the lobby to donate their plasma. I expressed to them that because of their giving my son has life.

We then left to have breakfast at IHOP and later fellowship at Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Terre Haute, IN, with Pastor Terry M. Clark. We had another great time and wonderful experience. I truly see “plasma” as “miracle juice.”

To say the least – I must admit this was a very enjoyable weekend because I was able to watch Ramus thank the people that help him to live. Thank you Marcia Boyle & IDF for allowing me and my family to be part of the mission. Your continued dedication, loyalty and commitment are unspeakable, and words alone cannot express my sincere gratitude!!! Thank you.

Our gratitude goes to you Raymond and Ramus for volunteering their time and telling their story. Thank you as well to the Grifols PlasmaCare donors and staff.

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