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Felix's Story: A 7-Year-Old Living with PI

“Hello. This is a documentary about my story of having Hypogammaglobulinemia.”

Felix, age 7, starts out his video by saying a word that many kids his age probably don’t understand, let alone could pronounce. During his life, Felix has had many medical issues and was recently diagnosed with his primary immunodeficiency disease in the summer of 2016. He soon started subcutaneous immunoglobulin treatments after his diagnosis and has been doing well on them.

The Competition

Each year, the National PTA holds the Reflections Competition. This allows children across the nation to compete in different creative divisions (literature, photography, film, music, visual art, dance, etc.) to represent a common theme. They must do this without the help of an adult. This year the theme was “What Is Your Story?”

Felix was inspired by this and wanted to create a video to share that could help others learn about primary immunodeficiency. Felix wrote a script, picked filming locations and did all of the recording and editing on his own. He is competing in the Primary Division, preschool – 2nd Grade). He has advanced from the School level and is in the process of being judged at the District/Regional level. From there, Felix’s video could possibly move on to both State and National. Winners will be notified by May 1, 2017.

“We are just so proud of his work on this project, as well as his bravery and attitude throughout all of his medical challenges,” says Jenny, Felix’s mother. At an appointment with his immunologist, Felix showed her his video and she encouraged him to send it to IDF as it may be helpful for other children (and their guardians) who are both being diagnosed and living with a primary immunodeficiency or any other disease like this. We’re happy she did.

Watch Felix’s Video

To share your story, please visit the Share Your Experience page on the IDF website:

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