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Healthcare in the Post-Election World

November 11, 2016

By Marcia Boyle, IDF President & Founder

Since the election, many people and organizations, including the Immune Deficiency Foundation, are focused on what will happen with healthcare coverage and access. There are many unknowns at this time, but we want to reassure members of the primary immunodeficiency community that IDF stands firm with the guiding principles on what all health plans need to include: the same principles we promoted during healthcare reform discussions. IDF, in concert with the National Health Council, promotes “Five Health Care Principles for Putting Patients First.” These include:

  • Cover Everyone
  • Curb Costs Responsibly
  • Abolish Exclusions of Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Eliminate Lifetime Caps
  • Ensure Access to Long-Term and End-of-Life Care

The Affordable Care Act includes provisions that are in line with the above Principles as well as other provisions that are important to patients with rare and chronic diseases. IDF will continue to work with other patient organizations to make sure our patients are not forgotten. As more information becomes available regarding any proposed changes in healthcare law and healthcare plans, we will be there advocating for our community, and we will share information through our various IDF communications. Remember, “Put Patients First!”

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