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I got more answers in the last several hours than I have in the last few years!

Patients and Family Members at the IDF Patient Education Meeting in Birmingham

Patients and family members affected by PIDD in Denver, CO and Birmingham, AL shared their weekend with IDF on September 17, the second Saturday in a row featuring multiple IDF Patient Education Meetings across the country.  This busy Saturday saw IDF in both places to educate the community about primary immunodeficiency diseases and provide networking opportunities for patients and family members.  Each meeting featured local experts in immunology addressing the treatment and management of primary immunodeficiency diseases with presentations and question and answer periods.

Experts at the Birmingham meeting included Dr. T. Prescott Atkinson, University of Alabama; Dr. Adina Kay Knight, Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center; Dr. Peter Mannon, University of Alabama; Dr. Rebecca Rady, Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology; and Dr. Weily Soong, Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center.  Seventy people were in attendance, and the participants walked away feeling a sense of belonging and connectedness.  One attendee commented, “Thank you for providing this opportunity for people to get together and meet others with PIDD as well as the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable doctors who are actively practicing in the field.”

The Denver Patient Education Meeting featured engaging presentations from local experts

The meeting in Denver was attended by 40 individuals, some coming from as far away as Wyoming and Nebraska.  The fabulous duo of Dr. Pia Hauk of National Jewish Heath and Dr. Charles Kirkpatrick of the University of Colorado spoke to the group about PIDD and answered treatment questions.  The patients were so thankful for the information provided by the medical experts.  One person remarked, “I got more answers in the last several hours than I have in the last few years!”

Both meetings featured group sessions after the medical experts spoke where they had the opportunity to connect on common issues, strategies for disease management and seeing the positives of life with PIDD.

Once again, it is important to note that none of these meetings would be possible without the help of our amazing volunteers.  Thank you Fran Thompson in Colorado and Connie Martin, Joy Milling, Jane Napper, Kelly Patterson, Bridget Threadgill, and Tim Waskerwitz in Alabama!  Your help is always appreciated.

Just because Summer is officially over does not mean there is no more fun to be had.  There are more IDF Patient Education Meetings and plenty of other IDF events left this year!  Share in the knowledge and connections that IDF Patient Education Meetings offer!  Join us at an upcoming meeting or other great IDF event in your area! Check out the IDF Calendar of Events for details.

Please let IDF know if you are involved in any Community in Action activities in your community. Comment below or fill out the Contact form at the top of the page to have your story featured in a future blog post.  To learn more about ways you can get involved, please visit the website at .

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