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IDF "Kentuckiana" Support Group Shares some Holiday Cheer

The IDF Kentuckiana support group was created by IDF volunteer Holli Jo – HoJo - Bess to serve the needs of the PIDD community in the Kentucky and Indiana area. The group, consisting of both patients and family members, has been getting together for several years. The Kentuckianans had their Christmas party January 7 after it was delayed from its original scheduled date in December due to major winter weather.  Nine patients attended the event that included dinner and a gift exchange game in addition to conversation and mutual sharing about experiences with PIDD.  One patient even drove 2.5 hours from Kentucky in order to attend the event for the opportunity to meet and share with other PIDD patients!  The group also took the opportunity to work on their plans for a huge awareness event in March that they hope will include hundreds of people spelling out “Primary Immune” on a bridge in Kentucky.

A comment from one of the participants shows how much these events mean to the community: “I have never in my life met another person who has some of the same medical issues that I have… It was very enjoyable to meet everyone and I hope that I will have the opportunity and physical ability to continue to attend the meetings.”

To connect with the local PIDD community in your area, check out IDF Friends – an online community to learn and share about primary immunodeficiency diseases.  IDF Friends was created to enable people with PIDD and their loved ones to engage in fruitful exchanges with others by using tools that today’s social network technology provides.  You can:

  • Find and befriend others with whom you share common interests
  • Create “user group” communities around a particular interest, PIDD or issue
  • Participate in ongoing, “threaded” conversations on a variety of topics
  • Share your story in words, pictures or video

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