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Through the IDF Outreach Initiative, volunteers serve as Liaisons and Get Connected Leaders to help us reach those in the PI community. Volunteers serve critical roles in two ways:

  • IDF Liaisons - Connect and build relationships with healthcare professionals who care for individuals diagnosed with PI, as well as with clinicians who are likely to see these patients.
  • IDF Get Connected Leaders - Increase connections between patients in their communities.

IDF Liaisons

IDF Liaisons are volunteers trained to specifically connect and build relationships with healthcare professionals who care for individuals diagnosed with PI, as well as with clinicians who are likely to see these patients. Liaisons will encourage clinicians to discuss and share information about IDF with their patients and provide them with IDF resources. They will keep the medical staff apprised of new IDF programs and materials and ensure they have an inventory of supplies to distribute to their patients. Liaisons may also contact local medical associations to present information about IDF and the publications and programs IDF offers for healthcare professionals. Liaisons will:

  • Encourage clinicians to discuss IDF with their patients and distribute IDF materials.
  • Update the medical staff about new IDF programs and publications, making sure they have an inventory of supplies to distribute to patients and families.
  • Contact local medical associations to educate them about IDF and highlight the many IDF resources available for healthcare professionals.
  • Exhibit at local medical meetings to reach healthcare professionals in attendance
  • Generate awareness and distribute IDF materials to healthcare professionals who may not be familiar with PI.
  • Receive updates from IDF whenever a new publication, program or issue is announced. They will share this information with healthcare providers in their area.

Click here to learn more about IDF Liaisons and to apply today

IDF Get Connected Leaders

Sometimes individuals and family members simply want to talk with someone who understands what it’s like to live with PI. They find value in actually meeting others in person, learning the latest about PI and connecting about much more than their diagnosis. The IDF Outreach Initiative encourages individuals living with PI to get together in their local areas through IDF Get Connected Groups. Volunteers act as Get Connected Leaders and plan, organize and attend the gatherings. These groups are in-person networking opportunities designed to bring together individuals from the PI community in their local area. Get Connected Leaders facilitate a welcoming environment conducive to sharing ideas and support, so that participants feel a sense of belonging to the IDF community, assuring them that they are not alone. The scheduling of IDF Get Connected Groups is flexible—some meet monthly, while others may meet only twice a year. Meetings are held in coffee shops, libraries, restaurants or other community gathering spots. Discussion topics are offered, but usually, participants enjoy the opportunity to just discuss the issues they face with living with PI. These groups supplement IDF’s statewide educational meetings. Click here to learn more about Get Connected Leaders and to apply today

Volunteer Training and Support

IDF staff members work together with IDF Liaisons and IDF Get Connected Leaders to assure they are prepared to be successful in their activities. IDF provides an orientation, training, prepared materials, administrative support, guidance and encouragement every step of the way. These are exceptional opportunities for motivated individuals who want to make a difference for others living with PI. They understand the importance of education, understanding and encouragement in helping individuals live a fulfilling life with PI. To find out more, contact IDF: 800-296-4433 or

The IDF Outreach Initiative is supported by CSL Behring, Grifols, and Takeda.