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IDF Patient Education Meeting comes to the Great Plains

It was a beautiful day in Omaha, NE where over 60 people attended the IDF Patient Education Meeting on Saturday, April 16th.  Special thanks and recognition go to Dr. Kobayashi and IDF Volunteer Dave Hanus who put so much effort into the meeting!

Dr. Kobayashi and Dr. Allen during the Ask the Medical Experts session

The meeting featured local experts in immunology addressing the treatment and management of primary immunodeficiency diseases with presentations and question and answer periods. Many of the participants were newly diagnosed or first time participants in an IDF event.  The meeting was a wonderful introduction to IDF, as well as, an opportunity to meet other individuals affected by primary immunodeficiency diseases.

The presentations were outstanding and informative (if I do say so myself ):

Welcome & IDF Update
Dave Hanus, IDF Volunteer
Emily Hovermale, IDF Advocacy and Programs Specialist

IG Replacement Therapy
Roger H. Kobayashi, MD, Clinical Professor UCLA School of Medicine

Understanding Immunological Testing
Robert C. Allen, MD, PhD, FCAP, Creighton University School of Medicine

Managing Gastrointestinal Issues
Roger H. Kobayashi, MD,

Ask the Medical Expert Session
Roger H. Kobayashi, MD
Robert C. Allen, MD, PhD, FCAP

Legislative Issues: Access to Affordable Care
Emily Hovermale, IDF Advocacy and Program Specialist

To find out about an IDF Patient Education Meeting or other great IDF event in your area, check out the IDF Calendar of Events

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Thanks for having this it was great. It was also the first IDF mtg I have been too and would love to do know for IDF there are so many people here in my hometown that know nothing about PIDD.