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One of the goals of the IDF Plasma Partners Program is to create awareness about primary immunodeficiency diseases (PI) and show the intertwined relationship between patients, plasma donors and employees in plasma collection centers.

Plasma Center Visits

IDF arranges plasma collection center visits for patients and family members to gain a better understanding of the importance of plasma donation. They see firsthand the regulations that are in place to produce the safest, highest quality plasma for their life-saving therapies. Often, they are the first patient or family member who lives with PI who the center staff or plasma donors have ever met. By hearing their stories, the donors and employees better understand the lifesaving role they play in the lives of patients through the plasma collection process.

These visits provide an overall sense of good for patients, plasma donors, and plasma center employees as well as showing them the valuable roles they all play while creating awareness of PI.

Patients and family members: Sign up to become IDF Plasma Partner Program volunteers and you might be asked to visit a nearby plasma center!

Plasma Center Fundraising and Awareness Raising

Every year, plasma collection centers throughout the U.S. run fundraising and awareness campaigns in support of IDF. THINK ZEBRA! campaign invites staff and plasma donors to make a donation to support IDF programs and write their names on small paper cutouts of a zebra. The cutouts are hung in the centers during the program and information about PI is distributed.

IDF encourages each center to personalize the program and have fun. The enthusiastic center staff members have been remarkably creative and have developed additional activities during the program. There have been carnivals, raffles, golf tournaments, craft sales and so much more.

Since 2005, inspired employees have helped to raise over one million dollars for IDF. We applaud the continued commitment and look forward to a promising future for the efforts of the following plasma companies that have recently held fundraising and awareness raising events on behalf of IDF:

BioLife Plasma Services
Biotest Plasma Centers
CSL Plasma
Grifols Plasma