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IPOPI Booklets on 6 Primary Immunodeficiencies

The International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiencies (IPOPI) has produced six different booklets in five languages based on IDF's Patient and Family Handbook for Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases 4th Edition. PDF versions of the booklets are available below and hard copies can be ordered through the IPOPI site at


Chronic Granulomatous Disease
Common Variable Immunodeficiency
Hyper IgM Syndrome
Severe Combined Immunodeficiency
Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome
X-Linked Agammaglobulinemia


Agammaglobulinémie Liée à l'X
Déficits Immunitaire Commun Variable
Granulomatose Septique Chronique
Les Déficits Immunitaires Combinés Sévères
Syndrome d'Hyper-IgM
Syndrome de Wiskott-Aldrich


Das Hyper-IgM-Syndrom
Das Variable Immundefekt-Syndrom
Das Wiskott-Aldrich-Syndrom
Der Schwere Kombinierte Immunodefekt
Die Chronische Granulomatose


Agammaglobulinemia Ligada Al Cromosoma X
Enfermedad Granulomatosa Crónica
Inmunodeficiencia Combinada Grave
Inmunodeficiencia Común Variable
Síndrome de HiperIgM
Síndrome de Wiskott-Aldrich


Agamaglobulinemia Ligada Ao Cromossoma X
Doença Granulomatosa Crónica
Imunodeficiência Combinada Grave
Imunodeficiência Comun Variável
Síndrome de Hiper-IgM
Síndrome de Wiskott-Aldrich


Хроническая гранулематозная болезнь
Общая Вариабельная Иммунная Недостаточность
Синдром Гипериммуно- Глобулинемии М
Тяжелая Комбинированная Иммунная Недостаточность
Синдром Вискотта- Олдрича
X-Сцепленная Агаммаглобулинемия