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IDF Reel Stories is a patient-generated video community designed to encourage and empower fellow patients and their loved ones. In addition to general stories of hope and inspiration, you can select from a robust playlist of video testimonials that touch us on some level – whether as individuals, families or as members of the IDF community. To view our Reel Stories visit our YouTube Channel and find a video that relates to your own life experience with primary immunodeficiency disease.

Share Your Story!

If you want to share your story in a video, IDF wants to hear from you! Contact us at, and we can help you get started. If you already have experience recording videos, simply contact us at so we get the file from you. Before you get started, below are some helpful recording tips.

IDF Tips When Creating a Video

  • Get the Wide Shot - If you are filming with your phone, be sure to turn your phone horizontally. This will provide a better shot than a limited vertical view.
  • Bright Light Makes Everything Better - If you have a quiet place outdoors, outdoor lighting can be great for your video. If you can only record the video inside try to be around windows or in a room with a lot of light. Bright light usually makes the video quality better.
  • Clear the Lens - Be careful with the lens and make sure it is clear of any residue, we wouldn’t want any blobs or smears interrupting your video.
  • Keep Your Phone Steady - It’s important to make sure your video is not shaky, so place your phone on a stand or prop it up onto something steady while you’re recording.
  • Finishing up Your Video - When you’re done, contact us: and include your name and email address and we will contact you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your video please do not hesitate to contact us at