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IDF Teen Escape - Bloomington, MN

Teens Escaped the weekend of July 16 to Bloomington, MN where they enjoyed a fun weekend with friends while learning about their Primary Immune Deficiency Diseases! Teens, young adults and parents all participated in interactive sessions throughout the weekend including:

  In Tune with Your Immune System
Presenters:  Tamara Pozos, MD, PhD, Children’s Hospital of Minnesota & Jason Raasch, MD, Midwest Immunology

Treatment Options for PIDD
Presenter:  Laura Hoyt, MD, Children’s Hospital of Minnesota

Insurance:  What is it?  Why do I need it?  How do I get it?
Presenter:  Frank Quintieri, Baxter Healthcare

Taking Control of Your Healthcare
Presenter:  Kristin Epland, FNP-C, Midwest Immunology

Taking Control of Your Life at Home and in School
Presenters: IDF Teen & Young Adult Council Mentors

Keeping in Touch – Common Ground
Presenter:  Elizabeth Ferguson, IDF Staff

 In addition to participating in sessions, teens and young adults had plenty of time to meet others and make lifelong friends.  An outing to the Mall of America to play mini golf and enjoy rides at Nickelodeon Universe was a huge hit.  More than a few were doused with water on the log ride!

 Teen and young adult attendees had a fabulous time as evidenced from these comments about the Escape:

  • This was my first time attending the event, and I really enjoyed it!  I hope to attend many more of these.  I liked it!  Overall great experience!
  • The Council is amazing!
  • Really cool!  I will be going to more!

 While their teens and young adults were busy, parents had their own sessions to attend.  Parents participated in the following sessions:

Growing Up with PIDD
Presenters:  Brian Rath & Elizabeth Hart, IDF Teen & Young Adult Council Mentors

Empowering Your Teen to Take Control of Their Healthcare
Presenter:  Ralph Shapiro, MD, Midwest Immunology

Insuring Your Teen
Presenter:  Frank Quintieri, Baxter Healthcare

Roundtable Discussion
Presenters:  Ralph Shapiro, MD, Jason Raasch, MD, Kristin Epland, FNP-C, Midwest Immunology

 Parents had this to say about the IDF Teen Escape:

  • Extremely knowledgeable presenters, material presented in very easy to understand manner, Great ability to empathize with families/kids
  • Really great to hear life stories from mentors/Council and talk with other parents
  • Thanks! This is an awesome thing to do for our kids and their parents.
  • We are jumping up and down we are so excited!!  Thank you so much!

  Thanks go to our Teen and Young Adult Council members:

Isaac Antilla
Joey Grecek
Jordan Kloker
Brittany Mathews
Kaitlyn Mosely
Courtney Palmer
Tiffani Pekkala
Jerry Shorten

Brian Rath & Elizabeth Hart

 Thanks also to Baxter Healthcare for sponsoring this fabulous weekend!

 Keep checking back on the post for picture updates! 

Who is ready for the next Teen Escape in Atlanta, GA November 13-14?!  Post some COMMENTS sharing your experience from this Teen Escape and plans to attend in November!

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