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IDF trains volunteers deep in the heart of Texas

 The IDF biennial Volunteer Leadership Conference was held in San Antonio, TX last weekend - September 24-26. Eighty peer support and patient education volunteers learned new volunteering skills, re-energized their activities, and met with other members of the PIDD community to network their efforts.

Presenters focused on tips for effective volunteerism and shared information about upcoming changes within IDF and issues that impact the PIDD community:



What’s New at IDF?
Marcia Boyle, IDF President & Founder

 IDF Electronic Personal Health Record
John Boyle, PhD, Executive Vice President of Abt SRBI
Debra Adlis, IDF Chief Financial Officer

Grassroots Advocacy
Larry LaMotte, IDF Director of Public Policy
Emily Hovermale, IDF Advocacy and Program Specialist
Barbara Ballard, IDF Board of Trustees Member
Judy Kozulak, IDF Volunteer - Delware
Kathi Beiswenger, IDF Volunteer - Michigan

Energize Your Meetings: Tips for Fearless and Successful Facilitation
Linda Hartman-Reehl, Group Director, Training and Development, Baxter Bioscience, US BioPharmaceuticals

Community Relationship Building
Katherine Antilla, IDF Director of Education and Volunteer Development

Allison Mayberry, IDF Director of Development


IDF Social Media
Marcia Boyle, IDF President & Founder
Adam Freestone, IDF Communications Manager

Healthcare Reform
Frank Quintieri, Manager, reimbursement & State advocacy Midwest, Baxter Bioscience

Support for the Peer Supporters
Donna Marie Maszaros, PhD, Abaris and Apex Behavioral Health Clinics

Planning for the Future
Katherine Antilla, IDF Director of Education and Volunteer Development

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the support of the 2010 Volunteer Leadership Sponsor - Baxter BioScience. Much appreciation goes to Baxter for their support!

Feedback from volunteers who attended the conference was overwhelming positive! Here is a sample of some comments shared by the attendees:

- This is exactly what I needed. My batteries are charged. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Enjoyed this conference very much and will take back with me lots of new friends as well as lots of new ideas and information

- I feel much more empowered to be an IDF volunteer now. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to give back

- It is always wonderful to see everyone who gives so much, whether time/action/whatever to the IDF. IDF has been such a blessing in my life!

-Thank you so much for an amazing experience full of fun as well as the new knowledge

Please add your voice to the conversation by COMMENTING below. You can share your experiences from the Conference, your own tips from volunteer experience, or questions.

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The training was absolutely amazing. I feel so much more connected to my fellow volunteers across the nation now and I learned a tremendous amount. It is very moving to be amongst so many dedicated and compassionate individuals. Thanks so much to the IDF and to Baxter for the opportunity!