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IDF Volunteers Visit Plasma Centers for PIDD Awareness Month

Many IDF volunteers took the opportunity to visit a plasma collection center to “put a face on primary immunodeficiency disease” for the IDF Blue Jeans for Healthy Genes Program and IDF THINK ZEBRA! The purpose of these programs is to create awareness about primary immunodeficiency diseases and to show the relationship between patients, donors and employees. Donors and employees see the important role they play in the lives of patients and the life-saving medications that are produced. Patients and family members gain a better understanding of the importance of plasma donation, and see firsthand the regulations that are in place to produce the safest, highest quality plasma for their life-saving medications. The Programs provides an overall "sense of good" for patients, donors and employees to see the important roles they play in this continuous circle of life while raising funds for IDF programs that support patients and families.

IDF volunteer Julie Fetch (second row, 5th from the right) visited a plasma center for PIDD Awareness Month


Volunteers tour the center and have the opportunity to thank the staff and donors for their lifesaving commitment to patients with primary

IDF volunteer Jill Heaps' children visiting Biomat plasma center

immunodeficiency disease and explain how IgG therapy impacts their lives.




On April 7, Joanie Sargent, Fran Thompson and Susan Rhodes visited Biomat USA in Aurora, CO.

On April 18th, Julie Fetch talked with donors and staff when she visited Biomat USA Plasma Center in South Bend, MI.

April 20th, IDF volunteer Karen Chester and her son David , IDF Teen and Young Adult Council Member visited Biomat USA Plasma Center in Las Vegas, NV

On April 13th, Jill Heaps took her kids to visit Biomat USA Plasma Center in Orem, UT. Jill describes her experience participating in the Blue Jeans for Healthy Genes Program,

“We had a wonderful time! They were so excited to have us there. They gave us the ultimate tour and introduced us to all the staff and a few of the donors.

It is a great experience for us to see what goes into making our IVIG and it's also great for the center to see that they are making a difference. They have no idea how many people in Utah benefit from their service!

Thanks for giving us this opportunity. I think it really was a great experience on both ends.”

IDF volunteers Joanie Sargent, Fran Thompson and Susan Rhodes at Biomat Plasma Center

Many more plasma center visits are scheduled this month in recognition of April as Primary Immunodeficiency Disease Awareness Month.  Please consider volunteering to visit a center and express gratitude for the donors and staff who make your IgG infusions a possibility!

Thank you to all of the volunteers and plasma centers that are participating in the program throughout the country.  Plasma centers that participate in the programs are: BioLife, Biomat, CSL Behring, and PlasmaCare.


Please let IDF know if you are involved in any Community in Action activities so we can feature you in a future blog post, inspire other volunteers, and continue to spread awareness!


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I've heard that plasma donors will be required to get 1099 forms and have their income reported to the IRS. Could that reduce the number of plasma donors

Mark, thank you for your comment! You are quite correct that there was a provision in the Affordable Care Act, the new Healthcare Reform law, that would require that plasma donors (among others) who receive more than a certain amount of compensation for their donation to receive a 1099 form for their taxes. IDF opposed this provision for the reason that you have suggested - it is prohibitive to people make the donation. The great news is that this provision was recently repealed!