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Impromptu Advocacy

On November 30, IDF volunteer Bill Hindin turned a chance meeting at Mitchell Field Airport in Milwaukee into a golden opportunity to raise awareness for primary immunodeficiency diseases and IDF. Bill recognized the two-term Governor of Wisconsin, Jim Doyle, waiting in the airport with 3 staffers and a security guard.  A Wisconsin native turned New York resident, Bill recognized the Governor from frequent visits to his parents who still live in the state.

IDF Volunteer Bill Hindin and Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle

Seeing the opportunity to educate an elected official, Bill approached him and introduced himself. After giving some background and talking a little politics, Bill segued their conversation into a discussion of his advocacy work with IDF.  Bill has participated in the last four IDF Advocacy Days, meeting with Congressional offices to advocate for equal IVIG access for Medicare beneficiaries with PIDD.  (To learn more about IDF’s Medicare IVIG Access Legislative priority, click here)

Bill shared stories from the PIDD community with Governor Doyle, informing him about reimbursement issues with IG and successes and progress in advocacy.  For his part, the Governor was very interested and engaged on the subject.  Bill summed up the encounter, “I had made the opportunity to tell an influential politician about PIDD and our issues.  People are just people, no matter what their title is.” 

A big thank you goes to Bill and all of the other awesome IDF volunteers who take the opportunities before them to educate, advocate, and raise awareness!  You may not always think about these kinds of activities as volunteering, but they are - anything you do to raise awareness of us and the needs of PIDD patients is taking action! 

Please let IDF know if you are involved in any Community in Action in your community. Comment below or fill out the Contact form at the top of the page to have your story featured in a future blog post.

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