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Health policy changes made during the pandemic need to be maintained to ensure those with primary immunodeficiency (PI) and other immunocompromised conditions have safe access to the care they need.

In the past year, living with the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way every American has had to navigate their life in order to stay safe and avoid infection from one virus. For individuals with PI, taking extraordinary protections against infections of all kinds has been and will always be a way of life even after the pandemic ends. Fortunately, the public now has a better understanding of the challenges that those with PI face. In addition, governmental decision-makers have implemented policies to support healthcare alternatives provided in the home that allow people to access treatment without an increased risk of infection. It is essential that these forward-thinking policies, adopted in response to the pandemic, are made permanent to ensure that those with PI and other immunocompromised conditions continue to have safe access to the care they need.

Securing Protections for the Immunocompromised Community

Learn about the protections that are necessary for the immunocompromised community, and why it is important to educate your legislators about them.

Ensuring Permanent Access to Healthcare in the Home

Learn about home infusion services, telehealth services, and why access to home healthcare must be made a permanent benefit.