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Remembering a Beloved Member of the CGD Community

May 18, 2017

Obituary from Forest Lawn Memorial, Los Angeles, CA

Mary Anne Hurley, 71, born on August 13, 1945 in Hollywood, California passed away May 12, 2017. She resided in San Marino, California at the time of her passing. Arrangements are under the direction of Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills, California.

Mary Hurley was a Godly woman full of gentleness and compassion. She lifted up everyone around her, humbly did the work that God set before her, and fought for the passions which moved her.

She loved to garden and had just completed a landscaping of her yard, full of flowers before she passed. She was also the best cook in the world, according to her husband and sons, making turkey dinners, chili, tasty lasagna, and so many other delicious dishes. She also loved to travel, and even moreso to research new destinations. She had countless notes on places all over the world, and many times our family was able to travel to these places and build wonderful memories.

She also had a great passion for helping those affected by CGD, the illness that has afflicted her two sons, Erik and Stephen. Through Alan and her CGD Association, she supported so many people all over the world, talking them through their child's sickness, giving them information on this rare disorder, and connecting them to some of the best doctors in the world. She has saved many lives as a result of her compassion to help those with CGD.

Mary loved her family very much, and demonstrated her love time and again by taking care of us when we were sick, calling us on the phone every day, and holding our family together during the tough times.

We will dearly miss her and treasure the memories we have of her. She is now with her parents and with our dear Erik in heaven, cured of her cancer and seeing Jesus face to face. This is the hope that we have, we who believe in Jesus and his sacrifice, that we may be made new and healed, be with Jesus, and see Mary once again.

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