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Choosing a Specialist

IDF maintains an online database—IDF Physician Finder—to help patients and families locate a specialist.

Get Support

As you begin working with healthcare providers to create a treatment plan, you may want to consider making connections with other individuals and families impacted with CGD. Find support from other members of the PI community through IDF programs and initiatives.

Advocating for Yourself or Your Child

CGD is a rare diagnosis and most people don’t know about the condition. Parents and individuals should learn as much as they can about the disorder, the treatments, and life after the treatments so that they can manage care appropriately—from the doctor’s office to school to the workplace.

Financial & Insurance Considerations

For people with PI, dealing with health insurance and understanding the maze of issues involved can be overwhelming. It is essential to understand your family’s current utilization of healthcare and learn to evaluate and compare medical insurance plans available in your area. 

Supplemental Materials

In addition to information on this site and in IDF Publications, there are many other articles and publications that can help you learn more about CGD.