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Ask IDF: We don't have ALL the answers

March 12, 2020

The initial Ask IDF inquiries we received about COVID-19 were medical in nature and geared toward individual clinical situations. The only advice that we were able to give in that situation is that your physician is the best primary source of information about specific medical questions. That is still true today. 

The situation has evolved this week and so have the questions we’ve been receiving through Ask IDF. A few of these scenarios have included:

  • When can/should I pull my child out of school? 
  • I work in the home healthcare field. Can I demand a mask? Is my job protected if I refuse to treat a patient who has not yet been tested? 
  • If I order groceries/essentials/packages online, should I disinfect the box? 
  • I’m worried that the virus can linger on my clothing. Do I need to change clothes/shower each time I walk in the door?
  • Should I close my business to customers?
  • Is my scheduled travel safe?  
  • I just returned from traveling – should I self-isolate?

Here is the answer to every question above (and so many more scenarios): IDF is not in a position to make any recommendations to patients on individualized situations. Stay vigilant by taking precautions when you can, but there will be situations outside of your control. This is about risk management; you need to make decisions you feel are best for yourself and your family.

It’s understandable to be somewhat concerned by the constant barrage of news about coronavirus, especially for those of us who have compromised immune systems. Try to not let fear drive your anxiety to an unhealthy level. 

Below is some advice shared by the National Alliance on Mental Illness that might be helpful. Understand that your life will be disrupted for a while, so settle in. Grace is helpful and anger is not. Stay calm and keep your germs to yourself. Limit large gatherings and know that we are all in this together (and doing the best we can). Most importantly, it’s going to be a bit bumpy for a while, but it’s going to be okay.