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Stand Up for PI 2020

August 10, 2020

On July 20, IDF hosted our annual Stand Up for PI young adult advocacy program. Due to COVID-19 challenges, we transformed this traditionally in-person program into a remote event where participants took part in a virtual workshop to create their own “Faces of IDF” handout to use in advocating for the PI community.

Fortunately, offering a virtual program this year allows even more young adults to develop this personalized resource to support advocacy efforts on behalf of the PI community during IDF Youth Week!  This week on your own schedule, make sure to take some time to create your very own “Faces of IDF” advocacy tool. The half-hour virtual workshop focuses on creating a one-page advocate story handout to support your legislative advocacy and, with your permission, may be used by IDF staff, representatives, and volunteers in advocating for the PI community.

During this thirty-minute workshop you will:

  • Learn how to concisely write your story in 3 paragraphs, highlighting the most important points of your journey and barriers you face
  • Provide a picture to “put a face” to your story
  • Learn about the importance of advocate stories and how to use this handout in your own advocacy
  • Learn how the handout will be used for IDF advocacy

After viewing the workshop, you will submit your story and picture through the provided form, by Friday, August 21. After IDF receives it, we will turn your submission into your personal advocacy one-pager and return it to you within the next month!

To sign up for more Youth Week activities, visit the IDF Events page.