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Support our Nation’s Heroes!

March 23, 2020

Our nation’s heroes go out of their way each and every day. However, today more than ever it seems they’re going above and beyond their required duties to serve and protect the individuals who need it most. More specifically, we are talking about our doctors, nurses, and anyone else in the medical profession.

Today doctors are putting their own health at risk to treat the individuals who are affected by COVID-19, while they are also still available to the many patients and families who are dealing with other chronic, rare diseases such as primary immunodeficiency (PI).

Throughout this week we would like you to honor these doctors and celebrate all the work that they do on National Doctors’ Day which will be held on Monday, March 30.

Get started today by participating in these easy ways!

1. Donate to IDF in Honor of Your Doctor

You can choose to recognize your doctor by donating to IDF. After receiving your donation, IDF will send a letter on your behalf to honor the doctor of your choice. Your support helps IDF offer resources at no cost to patients, families, and healthcare professionals—including doctors who want to learn more about PI.    

Need an example of who to donate to? Donate in honor of doctors like Dr. Kathleen E. Sullivan. Dr. Sullivan serves on IDF’s Physician Advisory Committee and is going out of her way to research and report the latest updates on COVID-19, which you can find here.

Honor your doctor now!

2. Show Your Appreciation on Social Media

Share why you are thankful for your doctor and what they mean to you on social media. Nothing is more powerful than sharing your story and how your doctor was there for you. #doctorsday

Share your story now!


Thank you for helping IDF honor the doctors who care for those in need!


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