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Young Woman from Brazil Shares Advice for PI Community

February 5, 2018

Lara Richter, a college student living in Brazil, was writing a paper on her primary immunodeficiency disease (PI) when she came across the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) in her research. Lara was pleased to see all that IDF has to offer, and she hopes that someday a foundation like IDF can reach places as far as Brazil so more people around the world can find support.

Lara reached out to IDF and wanted to share a little about herself to inspire others. This is the first time that she has felt comfortable enough to talk about her PI. For a while, she felt ashamed of her disease because no one understood it, but finding IDF and realizing that she is not alone has allowed her to feel good enough to talk about it.

“I feel good to be able to share my story with other people so they can feel like I do now: Part of something bigger,” explained Lara.

In addition to working closely with her healthcare providers in regards to her medications and treatments, she follows good general care practices to help stay healthy, like having a balanced diet and using hand sanitizer. She, like many with PI, is extra cautious during flu season.

If Lara could give a piece of advice to someone living with a PI, she would tell them that they are more than capable of living a normal and happy life. She said, “You can find people that love you the way you are, and you for sure will find happiness too! Don’t feel bad just because you are living with a PI. You are different, and being different is okay. Love yourself!”

Lara, thank you for being brave enough to talk about your diagnosis!

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