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Horizon Pharma offers the TranscendRare Program for patients in need of Actimmune therapy. The goal of TranscendRare is to facilitate access for patients who may benefit from Actimmune. TranscendRare offers patients, their families and healthcare providers one-stop, convenient access to advocacy and other support services. Both new and existing patients may enroll.
Dedicated, experienced TranscendRare Reimbursement Case Advocates are available to:

  • Support patients throughout the reimbursement process, including conducting benefit investigations as well as processing prior authorizations and insurance appeals
  • Answer questions and refer eligible patients to the Co-Pay Assistance and Patient Assistance Programs for financial assistance in obtaining Actimmune
  • Referrals to other foundation support services, when appropriate

Syringe Disposal Program:

  • The TranscendRare program will provide a complete syringe disposal system to patients with everything needed for proper collection and disposal including a needle collection container, a pre-paid shipping box and instructions for proper treatment of their used needles at no cost. We believe in the safety of our patients and in the environment so we instituted this program to provide a convenient and safe way for patients to dispose of their used syringes.

The Co-Pay Assistance Program
The Co-Pay Assistance Program offers capped monthly co-pays for commercially insured patients (patients not enrolled in Medicare or other government insurance programs). This program covers patient co-pay amounts over $50 per month. There are no forms or financial eligibility requirements. Patients who are registered in the TranscendRare Program are automatically referred to the Co-Pay Assistance Program and discounted co-pays are automatically applied by the patient’s pharmacy.

The Patient Assistance Program (PAP)
The Patient Assistance Program (PAP) provides access to Actimmune therapy (at no cost) to patients without insurance or patients rendered uninsured for Actimmune due to payer denial of coverage. Initial eligibility and periodic verification of continued eligibility requirements apply.

To enroll or contact TranscendRare with questions, call 877-305-7704, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (EST).