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Octapharma Plasma Educates Staff and Donors during World PI Week

IDF Volunteer Mary Ann Werner visited with Assistant Manager Lorenzo Mason (left) and Center Director Dan Harvey at Octapharma Plasma in Chesapeake, VA

Octapharma Plasma helped create awareness about primary immunodeficiency diseases by educating staff and donors during World PI Week, held April 22-29. “Partnering with the Immune Deficiency Foundation is one of the most exciting aspects of my job. I love it when the connection between IDF volunteers and staff and donors is made, it’s an eye-opening and memorable experience for all”, said Cheryl Levett, Manager of Marketing and Donor Relations.

IDF Volunteer Mary Ann Werner said, “Thank you all for allowing me the privilege of visiting the Chesapeake, VA center. It was a rewarding experience for me. I appreciated the opportunity to meet and talk with a variety of plasma donors. Each conversation revealed a unique personality and motivation for being a donor. A few were young first timers, others veterans of many years of giving. All were open to chatting with me and were interested in my personal story of immunodeficiency, its consequences, and my necessary monthly IVIG infusions. I’ll tell others what the Chesapeake donors said to me, ‘It’s a chance to give back.’ Also, the tour of the facility with all its intricacies, lab, exam rooms, check-in system, refrigerators, storage room, and transportation pick-up area gave me a real insight into the full scope of the miracle of my IVIG treatment. Everyone on the center’s staff was a true professional and all were most welcoming to me”.

IDF Volunteer Donna Marie Meszaros (center) visited Octapharma Plasma in Ypsilanti, MI. She was welcomed by Quality Assurance Supervisor Rachel Isbell, Center Director Deedra Stanley, Assistant Manager April Watkins and Assistant Manager Katherine Schwartzenberger.

Donna Marie Meszaros, an IDF Volunteer who visited the Ypsilanti, MI center said, “What a special day it was! Each and every staff member I met offered me a warm welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share my experiences and to thank the staff and the donors for their generous efforts in giving patients like me a real chance for a quality life. The atmosphere in the center was noticeably positive. I enjoyed every minute there. Overall it was a heartwarming experience, and I thank you again for offering me this opportunity and for arranging my visit”.

Thank you, Octapharma Plasma staff and donors, and IDF Volunteers! Click here to learn more about the IDF Plasma Center Partners Program.

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What a wonderful experience you both had! Sharing it with other IVIG users like me offers an insight i have thought about but never known. I infuse 80 grams over the course of 2 consecutive days. I'm blessed to have excellent home health care. My nurse and I pray over each bottle thanking and blessing everyone involved in the process. Thank you for sharing your experiences.