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Patients build connections with IDF and each other

IDF President & Founder Marcia Boyle with volunteer Judy Kozulak and IDF Field Rep Colin Seal

Feelings of isolation often accompany the everyday effects of living with a primary immunodeficiency disease. Frequently, those feelings stem from the perception that no one understands what you are going through. Sometimes you simply need to talk freely about how you’re feeling.  That is what  IDF Get Connected Meetings offer.  These meetings give patients the opportunity to join with peer support volunteers and with other patients and family members going through similar experiences.

On September 24, 2011, IDF held a Get Connected meeting for patients and family members in the Maryland area to get together and share ideas.  The meeting was held in the IDF office in Towson and IDF President and Founder Marcia Boyle attended and shared her experiences along with her son, John Gordon Boyle.   Attendees were excited about the opportunity to speak one on one with Marcia.

One individual commented, “Really enjoyed hearing from Marcia and her son about how IDF got started and how exciting it is to see where it is today!”  Another participant remarked, “It was great for my son to meet others with PIDD for the first time.”

You can hear Marcia tell the story of how IDF was formed and how it has  flourished into an amazing patient community  by watching the Immune Deficiency Foundation 30th Anniversary video on the IDF Channel.

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