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Plasma-derived therapies, such as immunoglobulin (Ig) replacement therapies are used as a life-sustaining treatment by thousands of individuals around the world, including those with primary immunodeficiencies (PI). Lifelong Ig replacement therapy, which replaces antibodies that the body can't sufficiently produce, allows most people with PI to live healthy, productive lives. However, because it takes approximately 130 plasma donations to produce one year’s supply of Ig therapy for an adult with PI, increasing plasma donation is essential. With new uses being discovered for the treatment of a multitude of conditions, the demand for plasma used to create these therapies has steadily increased worldwide. Further, due to COVID-19, donations have plummeted, and final products' manufacturing has been interrupted. Additionally, with the development of new treatments for COVID-19, which are also derived from plasma, the need for donations is greater than ever. It is essential to promote plasma donation across the country to ensure an adequate supply for those who rely on it.

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