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Plasma Donations Save Lives

April 6, 2012

KALAMAZOO(WKZO) — You have probably driven past the Biomat Plasma Center on Kalamazoo Avenue, or another similar business on Park and just thought they collected blood for transfusions.

Not quite.

Their donors don’t give blood, they just give the plasma and get to keep their red blood cells. They can donate up to 2 times a week.

The firm then processes the plasma into medicines used to treat immune and genetic deficiencies. Julie Fetch of Constantine says April is Primary Immune deficiency Awareness month, it’s a rare disease and often isn’t diagnosed and treated properly.

She says without the blood products manufactured from the Plasma, she would probably die from uncontrolled infections. She toured the facility yesterday with Congressman Fred Upton, who says he will use what he learned in creating healthcare policy.

Giving plasma takes about 90-minutes and they pay people for their time. .

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