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One of the many important functions of the Immune Deficiency Foundation is presenting local education programs throughout the country.

These Local Education Meetings and Family Conference Days, created and developed by IDF with the help of local volunteers and healthcare professionals, are designed for individuals and family members. They offer invaluable information on comprehensive and varied topics and feature local healthcare professionals who address the treatment and management of primary immunodeficiency diseases.

These one-day meetings are presented on a regional level throughout the year. Healthcare professionals who are experts in managing all phases of living with primary immunodeficiencies present at the meetings. Life management professionals share their knowledge and IDF Volunteers talk about their experiences. A Local Education Meeting might also include specialists addressing insurance reimbursement and accredited nursing professionals speaking on therapy and life management.

In addition to great educational opportunities, IDF Local Education Meetings offer the perfect environment for patients and families to meet and share ideas, and form bonds and friendships that can last a lifetime.

What is the difference between an Education Meeting and a Family Conference Day?
Family Conference Days include a youth program. Children, up to age 18, who are diagnosed with a primary immunodeficiency disease or have a family member with this condition, are invited to attend. While parents are attending educational meetings, youth enjoy fun, age-appropriate activities and sessions plus time to meet others in the primary immunodeficiency community. IDF staff, volunteers, medical professionals and educators direct the program. IDF Youth Programs boost spirits, understand primary immunodeficiency disease and connect isolated youth with peers.

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