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Access to Care

IDF advocates for policies which allow patients ready access to safe and quality care, in the site of care that is most appropriate, with the treatment best recommended by providers with a minimization of cost to the patient.


Addressing the Burden of High Cost Sharing for Specialty Medications

Prior Authorization

IDF supports appropriate, fair, streamlined, and transparent prior authorization policies

Addressing Co-pay Accumulators

IDF closely monitors legislation addressing co-pay accumulator programs across the country.

Pharmacists Being Barred from Disclosing Price Options

Read about IDF's support of gag order legislation being introduced across the country.

Network Adequacy

IDF supports legislation or other policy initiatives to ensure network adequacy in all health insurance plans.
Screening and Diagnosis

With all 50 states now screening for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID), IDF advocates for policies that ensure universal screening is maintained nationwide, support emerging opportunities to screen for other types of PI, and work to remove barriers to the use and development of accurate diagnostic tools.

SCID Screening in All States

Learn about IDF's past, present, and future involvement in SCID newborn screening.

SCID Implementation and Follow-Up Challenges

IDF provides ongoing advocacy to ensure that all infants in the US have access to SCID newborn screening.

Other PI Newborn Screening

IDF is prepared to advocate for another nationwide newborn screening campaign for other types of PI when such technology is feasible.

Funding for State Research

IDF advocates for increased funding for research supporting the PI community.
Protections for the Immunocompromised Community

IDF advocates for policies that ensure the patient voice is represented in health policy debates. We work to ensure that state legislatures understand the importance of universal vaccinations and of addressing the overuse of antibiotics to the PI community.

Importance of Vaccines

Working to ensure state legislatures understand the importance of universal vaccinations.

Responsible Antimicrobial Use

Educating legislators on the impact of overuse of antimicrobials to the PI community.
Council proceedings.

Promoting State Rare Disease Advisory Councils (RDACs)

IDF supports the creation of RDACs in all 50 states.