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Tampa hosts an IDF Patient Education Meeting

The IDF Patient Education Meeting in Tampa, FL April 9th was a wonderful success! Sixty patients and family members attended the meeting at the Doubletree Hotel to learn more about primary immunodeficiency diseases and meet with other affected individuals.   Special thanks and gratitude go to IDF’s amazing volunteers who put so much effort into making the meeting a triumph: Laura Anderson, Heather Smith, and Ed and Pat Ganley!

The meeting featured local experts in immunology addressing the treatment and management of primary immunodeficiency diseases with presentations and question and answer periods.  Speakers and topics included:

Robert Eanett, MD, Watson Clinic South—How to Talk with your Doctor

Elena Perez, MD, PhD, University of Southern Florida, College of Medicine and All Children’s Hospital—General Care for Persons with Primary Immunodeficiency Disease

Lynne Szott, RN, CSL Behring—The Affordable Care Act: Current Reform Measures that Help Persons with Chronis Conditions

Heather Smith, Co-founder for SCID, Angels for Life Foundation—Newborn Screening for SCID: A Parent’s Story

The attendees were very positive about the meeting and felt like they learned a lot about managing their diseases.  One attendee stated her feelings about the meeting simply and succinctly on her evaluation, “Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!”

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